Birth Date
3 / May / 1984
59 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am looking for the same charismatic and active person like me with similar interests and goals in life. I love cleaning house and usually do it. you can be sure - my home will be clean and cosy always :) I have a younger brother and an older sister. I have dreams.

About my family

There is always support and care between all of us. There are only 4 of us. Fortunately my working schedule is quite flexible and I'm able to take my children from school by myself, but my mom is doing that for me sometimes. I like children a lot, they are so curious about everything. :-) My dishes are always very tasty and people ask for more!

Domestic abilities

My home is always tidy and clean. My home is my castle. I like to make fruits and vegetables I have grown in my yard canned. I like to cook! One more useless paragraph. I do like cooking, I do like when things are in order in the house, I do like to create the coziness in the house. Domestic abilities sounds like something that can be quite joyful and fun! I can and I like to do all about the house, I have a very good teacher, my mom thought me to do all about the house - I like ironing a lot, and I adore to bake, I like to try new recipes of cakes and I bake amazing cupcakes. As a real lady, I love to treat my family with something special every day.

What I do in my leisure time?

I think, it is wrong to behave self-destructive, that is why I prefer development in lots of different directions. If you come I would like to show you my pictures. When it is rainy outside, I prefer to read a book, watch some interesting movie or invite friends over for a cup or tea or coffee. Sometimes I spend my leisure time just roaming around outside, and sometimes I play outdoor games. That's why I try to enjoy every minute of my life. Picnics, BBQ, beaches) I adore dancing, so for more than 5 years I attend classes of belly dance. When I have free time I try to spend it with my family and with my dog.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This woman is very charming. She is a sunny person who is always in a good mood and who wants to try everything new for her. A lady is talkative, interesting in communication and friendly. Positive lady with charming smile. She very open-minded and optimistic. Kind person with a great heart. When you see her your mood is becoming much better because she is so positive all the time.

How would I describe myself

You will never be sad or bored with me, I always try to find positive sides of people and life. I am the lady you can't get bored with. On the weekend, after a good rest ( I do like to sleep a bit more on my days off ) you will not find me at home. I am hard-working, responsible, faithful and goal oriented person. I got it earlier, but I lost it. I always try to be myself and words are not necessary. I came to find someone I can give it all to. If I fall in love I can do everything for my soul mate.

My typical day

Sometimes, I go to football matches. After doing such house work, I do gymnastics. In the evening I can do different and interesting things depending on my mood. I was born in the village, so I used to get up early in the morning. And in the evening I try to spend time together with my friends. -)) and with some of my numerous hobbies. My typical day I start with my morning exercises, then I take a shower and cook breakfast. It gives me the needed energy and strength for a working day.

My future goals are

I think the dream of being happy is common for all people and I am not an exception. I am realistic and down to earth, but I believe that life is full of miracles and to see them you just need to stop for a second and take a look around:) I'm self-confident but not arrogant. I am close with my family and I am sure that relatives are the dearest people, but at the same time I feel more and more that I lack my soul mate. I think that nobody in this world deserves to be lonely and I think that we all deserve to love and to be loved.

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