Birth Date
10 / August / 1983
50 kg 106 lbs
The type of man that I desire

i do everything about the house and i really enjoy it! I dream to travel with him hand in hand through our life and to enjoy every single moment that a new day brings us! I need a loyal and good person near me. I want to have children, to help my man to earn money in order to maintain our family. I think it is also very beautiful and i think that the more languages person knows, the more opportunities he has in life.

About my family

I get interested in everything around and enjoy thinking about things that surround me. But I am also able to do everything needed at home. He has good sense of humor, charisma, he knows how to make his wife happy. I was born in Cherkasy, but I lived in Lviv for seven years. It is very important for me!

Domestic abilities

I believe that the way you keep the house shows what kind of person you are. I feel a special satisfaction, when my place of living is clean and well-conditioned. But I enjoy everything I do - I was raised that way, I am quite hard-working. I adore making different salads and doing new experiments in cooking in general. I think it is difficult to tell that to cook is a hobby. It might sound strange, as a lot of people don't like doing it, but I like ironing. At home I can do all the girl should do. It is even more pleasant to sleep on it. I like when everything is clean and shining.

What I do in my leisure time?

My leisure time is always interesting, at least, that's the way I always try to organise it. Usually I spend my free time meeting friends, walking in forest and having picnics with my son! I like to read so much, especially Russian and French classics. I am an active lady and I prefer to spend my days in different ways. It suits my green eyes. I like walking on foot on the streets of new cities and to breathe in their special smell. I like to develop myself both spiritually and physically.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She really wants to meet her other half, a perfect man for her. She knows what she wants and will never stop perfecting herself. Very kind and open lady. Marina is very attractive woman and interesting personality. She is a very interesting lady, family-oriented, easy-going lady. Optimistic and positive lady in any situation, what is very rare in nowadays. She is also funny and has a lot of positive energy.

How would I describe myself

I am realistic and down to earth, but I believe that life is full of miracles and to see them you just need to stop for a second and take a look around:) I'm self-confident but not arrogant. It would make my life completely to care about my family. What I mean is that our life is full of surprises and very often we don't notice beauty in it and take blessings for granted. After our communication it will become two more happy people in the world))) I am affectionate and I would want to find a man who is able to be my support, my love, and to show all his affection to me, too. As a person I consider myself to be a confident and strong personality. I try to develop myself and to change my life from time to time. Do you like woman that takes care about her health and beauty?

My typical day

Then I get up, tide myself up and do some morning exercises. My typical day is usually very busy. Then I prepare a meal for myself. Going to the gym is an essential part of my day, I can relax while working out. i work as a nurse in hospital. Surely a few exercises in the gym! My morning always starts with a cup of coffee because only coffee helps me to wake up and and get energy for the whole day. Also I take care of my younger brother :) Boy is a boy in any age :) and he needs my care and support a lot!

My future goals are

I am a very warm-hearted and caring lady. I'm a sunshine, and my red hair is the hint which nature is giving to you -) I think of life as of a good place no matter what, and I hope to be able to share a happy life with a man, who would think of it the same way as I do. Most of all I love two things.

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