Birth Date
23 / March / 1983
48 kg 111 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I'm looking for a loyal, kind and honest man, who will fill my heart with joy and happiness. I really love to be different all the time. My happiness can be caused even by small thing. Maybe never, that’s why i believe it’s time for him to come into my life! Then i go to work.

About my family

I appreciate their help very much. When I come home after work, I usually sleep a bit and then watch some nice movie or read, and after that I go to bed. Argue is not a solution of the problem. I am thankful for my mom and granny who brought up me and gave their love and care. The type of man that I desire I do need something extraordinary, my partner must be just as easy-going and cheerful person as I am.

Domestic abilities

You'll definitely want to try my masterpieces! I like when it is fun and loving company. I can do everything about the house. :) But I adore to prepare something delicious. I love keeping my house clean more and I love checking the results of my work! I like when everything is clean so try to keep my dwelling tidy. My friends and relatives say me that I am nice cook. ) I also like to keep the house clean and tidy. I truly enjoy it and I want told I know how to do it well.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like flowers so I adore walking in the garden full of roses and orchids. In many cases I can't let myself do anything too extraordinary, so I just go walking over long distances. I usually attend gym during the day and meet my friends in the evening. You know, I do believe that free time is time for creativity- hiking, biking, baking! I like to go shoping and to buy nice things but up to limits. I try to enjoy every moment and always to stay positive. Music makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has a strong character but sometimes she can be shy too. She always has a warm word of support for everyone. Seems that you see a candy, it is true but her stuffing is not a gel but roasted nuts, though she can melt under the sun and you will find a tasty chocolate. This lady is very special, interesting and intriguing. Anastasia is very cheerful and bright lady, who is very interested to find a good man. The man who will understand and love her will be very happy. Wants to be happy.

How would I describe myself

I am a very creative and active person, I love to try everything new all the time. I'm always open to communication and l am always ready to flout the person and I know how I can help. I am active and like sport. I believe in people and I always try to do my best. I am a very sensitive and kind person. My biggest hobby is basketball and I like it very much. I am a very outgoing, easy-to-move person, I am merry and goal oriented. It is the part of my daily life.

My typical day

Then I go to the university and have my classes. It is like a ritual for me. I work in a jewelry store for more than 9 years. After charging with new positive emotions I come back home, take preparation for the university and cook something delicious. I spend most of time there but when I have free time I spend it vigorously. So, I have to discover mine. But I dream to come home early and cook dinner for my family. I think that I can call my working days as really busy without any free minute, normally.

My future goals are

My house is a place I like to keep neat and warm, it lacks only man’s presence. People are not perfect, of course, but they are often very straightforward about their wish to become more educated each day, and I am one of such people – very communicative, optimistic and active. When I was told I would need to tell about myself I didn't know what to say, so I spent a while sitting with a blank slate looking outside the window, but then all of a sudden I started writing. If you think you are here for the same reason, let us give it a chance together then, you and I.

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