Birth Date
27 / November / 1983
52 kg 120 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like jogging with my dog in a park every morning and every evening. Would you like to see the world with your beloved? My father was a military so i know what is order and discipline. I want to have my own business to make money for living and pleasure. I can tell that i have only the best memories about my childhood, my parents were so loving and respecting people.

About my family

I think to have a cozy home with the dearest man is a real paradise on the earth. )))) It gives me energy to move further and I go to my work. I think a lot of it and I really need that soul mate who will share this with me and only me because couple consists only of two truly in love people, right? What I do in my leisure time? I hope I will find a man who is ready for serious relations.

Domestic abilities

I have a dog and often he is the reason of a mess in my apartment. I like to keep my home clean, especially love to care of my flowers:). I also like to cook and to take care of my plants. I hope you will like my cooking for you too! Moreover, I like and can do virtually anything around the house. Come and you will never want to leave me! I am very creative and I like to decorate my apartment with new things I buy or do myself. I turn on my favorite music, I dance and sing during hoovering and washing. I used to live on my own since I was 20, so I know how to cook, to clean and keep my home in order.

What I do in my leisure time?

My nephews always invent new ways to have fun and I always follow them. I am fond of sport - I use to play volleyball professionally. We often spend warm days out. My friends usually come to my place and we watch comedies or romantic movies. Sometimes I enjoy listening to rock music and sometimes classic music, it depends on my mood. Also I read medicine literature to improve my skills. And travelling is my passion.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

But just having a very stable character, who is looking for her true love and is willing to fight for it! Caring, sympathetic, gentle, loving, with a big heart and good sense of humor. That man who really loves her will be on the 7th heaven. She can create a friendly and warm atmosphere around herself. Self-confident girl who doesn't sell herself short. We noticed that this lady was brought up in a good intelligent family. She is happy when everybody is satisfied with life conditions.

How would I describe myself

I’d say that my negative and the least appealing quality is emotional. I think that to create a good family is the reason to live. I'm open to everything new, interesting and exciting. I like my friends, I like to enjoy this life. There is no obstacles for me when I want something. even don’t know-) I think that I am a very open and honest person and if I start to tell you everything about me it won’t be enough all space here) That’s why I have a propose: Give me the chance to open my heart to you and tell you about me and my life. I never get angry with anybody and try to help people noticing the beauty around. Life is easier this way :-)

My typical day

Since we lives separately I try to spend much time with her. I love workouts! I usually make a cup of coffee which make my day better and gives me an opportunity to feel full of energy during whole day. My days can't be typical. Painting is not my hobby, it's my life :) We share our news and then I return back to my flat. Do not think I am crazy:) I just believe in positive thinking and good things :) Then I take my son to school and go to work. I begin my morning from taking a shower and eating my breakfast.

My future goals are

I am very romantic and I want to make my man happy, I believe that woman should support and inspire her man. I am kind, caring, educated, mannered. I am open, sincere and maybe a little bit shy. I am a loyal, tender and easy going lady with adventurous character who likes the simple things in life.

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