Birth Date
22 / November / 1982
55 kg 107 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like to spend my free time with him. I want to forget everything and to start a new life with my beloved man! Trying to help others i became a volunteer. When i'm free i like meeting my girlfriends. Maybe tall, charming, relaxed and confident.

About my family

) When I am at home I enjoy knitting, for me it's very relaxing. I love my parents and I try to do everything to make them happy. My mom is the best example for me. I do not have any siblings, but we are very close with my cousin. Of course I also usually find time to meet with my friends and I like to go out with them somewhere.

Domestic abilities

I like to cook very much and it is always very interesting and exciting for me to try some new recipes. The atmosphere in the house must inspire you to enjoy the every moment of the lifetime. It would be great to hear these compliments from my husband every time he will come from work to our family nest and I will meet him with a delicious dinner or candlelight meal that will make every evening special. I love cleaning and creating cozy atmosphere in my house. I love making home made juices and lemonades. I like to form and to keep everything in oder,clean and tidy. So I try to clean my flat rather often. And the best prize for me then is to observe them, to observe that beauty. I like to make my home cozy and comfortable.

What I do in my leisure time?

On weekends I always visit my mom and my younger sister. I am fond of professional visage! We can go to different places but the main thing that I'm with those friends I can rely on in any situation. I adore to spend my free time with my dear friends and family, I like to go to the cinema, I adore theater, different exhibitions and, of course, as every girl I adore to go shopping :) Together with my friends we have the same hobby :) it is to sing in karaoke! Also we can ride our bicycles together and it brings us a lot of fun. I like doing sports and working out in gym. I like to learn new things and get more experience, that's why I travel a lot around Ukraine and try to make every trip special.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Alexandra is very active and positive. this young lady is created to be a great wife and mother. Positive lady with good manners. Alyona is wise in her thinking, and she knows what man she would like to see next to her. Whether it is her charming smile? Or maybe her sparkling eyes? Or maybe dimples on her cheeks…. Responsive and kind! Julia is very tender, very good looking and creative lady.

How would I describe myself

Dream to visit France and Italy. My life motto to treat people the way you want them to treat you. From one side it is a beautiful flower, but from the other side it has thorns. I can say that I am romantic lady, and miss quivering romantic moments in my life. I am sure that it works both ways. I have a good sense of humor, so it will be a pleasure for me to joke and laugh with you! I do believe in finding a nice man for me and I dream about that every day and my eyes will always sparkle with happiness! Maybe sometimes I can be a bit slowly and calm but I never do quick decisions!

My typical day

I like to spend time with my friends. A smile - is a guarantee of good mood)) I like to have breakfast with my family members. I like being at home because it is a place for me where I feel good and I can receive more energy and strength for doing things that I need. Then again I walk with my dog. We are dealing with heating and electricity! I've been working as a bank employee for already two years. I wake up early in the morning, exercise, take a shower, then cook breakfast for myself and my son! When I have some free time I enjoy meeting with my friends, sitting at the cafe with them and enjoying a cup of good coffee or going somewhere.

My future goals are

:) I am a cheerful and confident woman. They are example for me and I believe that in future I will have such a great family as mine. I am definitely not a careerist who would be pursuing goals over heads of others. I am desperately looking for a nice man to make my life brighter.

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