Birth Date
5 / October / 1984
53 kg 126 lbs
The type of man that I desire

30, take a shower and drink a cup of coffee with milk. Also he has to be kind and without bad habits. They raised me and i am very close to them, and to their children also. I take kids to a kindergarten and school and then i return home and begin my work. He may realize , that he is responsible for me, and try to be attentive.

About my family

I've never swinged in the clouds because all I need is a happy family. I am very close with my mother as I can trust her and share with anything. My mother is my best friend and the person who I can always rely on. ) I also had my elder brother but unfortunately, he has died during the war in the Afghanistan((. But I have my darling cousin whom I love very much.

Domestic abilities

I clean, wash, cook, and even repair some things. My little daughter helps me with everything that she can do in her age. Of course I do that too as that is what any lady just should know how to do an I was raised by my mom as a good girl. Most of all I like to invent new decorations for my room and to remove the furniture. The main thing is support and desire to help. I like experiments with dishes. Cooking nice and delicious dishes is my passion and I can feel myself at the kitchen like goddess. I really enjoy the process. Cooking relaxes me.

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm very active and I dedicate quite enough time to it. So I have a lot of friends. I love to discover new places, to open new world of interesting culture and mysterious history. But I do not like to draw portraits. So, they are vocal, I like to sing very much. These are the ways for me to have a wonderful rest :) Also I adore nature, it gives me a lot of pleasure to free myself from the noisy and rush city and just feel the power of freedom witch only nature can give. Besides I like drawing.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her facial expression tells us she has really kind soul. This lady is attractive, intelligent, pretty and interesting person. It is pleasant to communicate with her. )) She has such a positive vibe)))) she is very caring and good person and is waiting for a nice man to enter her life and she will definitely make him happy) you will never be sad with her and always happy))) and of course loved! Lidia is sociable, easy-going and pleasant person. She really wants to have a family and expects that she will find her true love here. ))) When you meet this charming and open girl you may feel her positive energy :) don't miss the chance to meet her!

How would I describe myself

I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence. however, I think it would be nice to be lazy with the right man close -) About me I can say that I'm a simple individual, laid back and caring. I adore surprises and I like to do them for dear people and friends. People say that I am reckless and hot) I like to go in for sports very much. That is my life motto. I will care about my man and he will feel confident next to me.

My typical day

At 7 pm I go to the fitness club where I stay for a couple of hours and do some exercises. I like to start my day with a glass of water. I always have some books on my bed's table. We are learning everything about human body, different diseases, how to behave in different situations. Then I go to work and work till 8 pm. After work I enjoy my free time. -) I'm energetic and optimistic lady who always tries to do as much as she can during the day! I know some people find this book very complicated and strange.

My future goals are

I want everybody in this world to find his true love, I want each child to have father and mother. I am a positive person and I do not like to think about anything bad, because our thoughts are material. it's always difficult to describe myself. I think I am a nice and easy-going person, I am patient and very caring.

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