Birth Date
9 / December / 1993
62 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My typical day work takes the biggest part of my day. As for me i want to meet a good man and fall in love with him and get married and live happily ever after and enjoy life. In order not to have fights we should live in prosperity because plenty of couples split up facing problems with money and accusing each other in it. Every women want to feel excitement and anticipation. We should respect, understand and support each other, we should have common topics for communication and interests.

About my family

To prepare something very tasty for my family is something that brings me pleasure. Sometime I can even say what is she thinking about at the moment:) If she has an ache, I can feel the same. There are always mutual understanding, mutual help, support and trust in my house. It will be a dance with the duration for whole happy life together! I am always ready to help my friends and relatives, or even someone whom I do not know well enough.

Domestic abilities

I like to cook and grow plants. And I do it with pleasure :) I do everything about the house as I like to live in clean and cozy one and have all things on their own places. :) My parents taught me to enjoy everything what I'm doing. I do all domestic abilities, but most of all I like cooking, especially baking. So I do rearranging pretty often. As I am good in cooking I am always main person in the kitchen. I should say that is my favourite part of doing households. I like doing everything about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

The same with reading, I believe every book is a treasure, it is a way for better life. When I read a novel I imagine myself in the place of one of the main characters and this makes my reading fascinating. To my mind, it is possible to talk about it endlessly. I enjoy painting, reading, beading and watching movies. and to enjoy the film and each other :) I am also a caring mother and try to spend free time with my son, just talk to him, walk and play with him and be the best person in his life! It's a second place where I can make my body stronger, my health healthier and my mood better all the time! I like to spend my free time with my friends, we like to travel a lot and to know more about different countries, also I like to listen to music, watch interesting films.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Margo is a very sporty lady! Anna is a very serious, tender and kind woman. Looks like she was born to become a good wife and very caring mother) katya is very smiley, but from the first sight is looks like a shy person. What we mean is that she supports and helps as many people as she can in her life. Open and sincere and she has a kind heart. Open and sincere and she has a kind heart. Also natalie is very romantic.

How would I describe myself

I am a girl in all meaning of this word. Every day I work on my weak sides and my character helps me a lot. :) But also I'm demanding to myself, and think that everything depends of yourself! It is not the way of the rest I like. I'm friendly, positive and romantic girl. I can describe myself as an open hearted and cheerful person. I am a true phlegmatic. Hmmmm.

My typical day

I usually get up very early, at about 6 am. Shower, breakfast, kissing my cat, dreaming about kissing my future husband. And we like to watch cartoons. On weekends I do my home chores, shopping for food, meet with my family, friends. I wake up early in the morning and wake my son up:) I help him to get ready for school and we have breakfast. We'll have a wonderful and exotic rest here! , do some morning excises, have my breakfast and go to work or work at home till 6 p. Usually, my day starts early in the morning.

My future goals are

Lady, who knows a SECRET how to create happiness and harmony. People say that beauty will save the world and I just want to check it! I really want peace in the whole world as I hate wars and when innocent people die. I am sure my mission is to become a happy lady and to make all people around me happy too.

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