Birth Date
22 / May / 1996
49 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am looking for a real man for a real woman. my future goals are i want to see my future being together with my beloved man, i want to see my family being happy, being surrounded with love and care, i want to raise my daughter ( and may be future kidsa good person, and i know that it would be much more easier to do this when the kid( kidsare surrounded by the love of both parents. His appearance is not very important for me, i appreciate inner world of a person. I have a mother, one brother and 4 sisters and :) I know that it would be much easier for me to find those precious things with a kind and sympathetic man.

About my family

We are very close. How would I describe myself I develop myself continuously. I adore pot-flowers, I like to take care of them. So after work I go to gym to do some exercises to improve my shape and just to clean up my mind from the thoughts, it helps me to relax. They have been married thirty years ago and still love each other and have very warm and tender relations.

Domestic abilities

Cooking is what I am good at. They all say that I am very hospitable :) I can do everything what my beloved man inspires me to. I always try to make healthy food because I believe that right products help us to stay strong and beautiful. I try to teach her to bake and to cook as my mom did in my childhood :) I adore cooking. And of course I clean the flat twice a week. Like decoration items, some designing ideas. I consider a real lady should keep her house clean because it shows her attitude not only to the house but also to the family.

What I do in my leisure time?

I watch informative shows very often. When I am free, I like to meet my friends or invite them to my home. I have many different interests such as swimming and cooking and I like to try something new in my life. When I have a free minute, I like to read books. I also like the seaside and to have sunbathes on the beach. Sometimes go for traveling, do some sports, keep myself feet and healthy. I am active and I like sports and I often go swimming and playing tennis.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Julia ready to have happy family and be the home wife. This lady makes a good impression. She is a wonderful mother and she would be a perfect wife. We are sure she can make her man happy! It feels you can sink into her huge and deep eyes! She is very pretty. Now it is necessary to wait due till it is safe for her to outside the city.

How would I describe myself

If you like what you see and read in my profile, do not hesitate and write me. People are not perfect, of course, but they are often very straightforward about their wish to become more educated each day, and I am one of such people – very communicative, optimistic and active. And I always want to move forward. One day I dream to see Italy! But I do not think this is the significative of my young age. I think, that main features of character are purposefulness, wisdom, responsibility, and diligence. I want to open my soul to a decent man, to show all my kindness and care to him. I take vocal lessons twice a week.

My typical day

When I come back home, I cook a dinner and in the evening I do like to read a book or watch an interesting movie. In the evening when I am free I try to have time for healthy dinner, good work out in the gym and also some relaxing time for myself. I am early riser and I like to start my day with stretching for a few minutes and meditation). I have a daughter, as I have mentioned, so I start my day from spending some time with my child. I have an 8-hour working day. But I always try to go to bed before midnight and have to get up quite early in the morning on weekdays because I must go to work. I like to start my day from the very early morning and just watch life waking up from night sleep around me. After the shower I have my breakfast and get ready to go to my studying.

My future goals are

My life motto to treat people the way you want them to treat you. Hope my dreams will come true. It is not the way of the rest I like. I am especially kind to people who appreciate me.

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