Birth Date
6 / January / 1991
59 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Discover her life and secrets no other men know :) I want the supporting and loving person next to me, i would surely pay him back with the best i have! I am involved in many things but the most important one is my search here as i feel that i have been matured enough already to create family but i need a right man for it. And the last but not the least - his soul, i am really seeking for someone who is generous and gentle, who has a good sense of humor and positive attitude to life. Sometimes it is just so nice to keep the silence with the person who is close to you.

About my family

They are mom, dad, my brother and me. He is an example of a real man for me. The type of man that I desire I always value such qualities like kindness, sincerity and good sense of humor! I am close to them and their wives. I guess that there shouldn't be any criteria when it comes to love, because very often people fall in love with the person that is complete opposite from what they imagined.

Domestic abilities

I am a very good housekeeper. I still need food, and I am so good in cooking! I always try to cook with love. I keep my flat always clean and cozy. I love to make rearrangements in my flat! I don’t have a lot of time for house-keeping but I like cooking. Like decoration items, some designing ideas. I even know all about babies and taking care of them as I was always there for my sister when she had a baby. However, most of all I prefer to change everything at home.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to play bowling or billiards, tennis and volleyball)))) I'm very open-minded and outgoing person, meeting new people is very important for me. I enjoy the every second of my life cause life it is a gift. So, I appreciate every moment when I can stay in bed longer than usual. It’s very hard to make me tired, believe it or not -)))) If to speak about my hobbies, I really like to knit, sew, cook. I am always busy with something. As I like animals very much at my free time I spend time with my dog Roberta! I enjoy reading very much.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very positive, optimistic and has great inner energy. Even though lady is rather young, she already knows what she wants from life. She is ready to share her life with her life partner. She is kind and generous lady. She knows what she wants from life. A person you can rely on, serious and nice to get along with. Just very sincere, charming, smart, goal minded and kind lady.

How would I describe myself

I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. I am not perfect. I would describe myself as a kind and responsive lady. Also I go in for sport, I participate in competitions in bench pressing. I like communicating with new people, and think that in every person there is something bad and something good. I am calm, sincere and open person. I am a good listener and respectful to others. I consider myself to be a good person.

My typical day

My evening I usually dedicate to my mom and to my friends. Then I take a shower, have breakfast and go to my studies. Because of my life experience with my parents I know that we must enjoy every moment of life, even hard mornings when you prefer to stay in bed and sleep longer :) I think that life is too short to waste time for uninteresting things :) I work, rest and like to go to the gym also :) I am active person and I want to find the same kind man for myself! After the university I go to my work and in this step my day doesn't end. In the evening I usually cook some food for me and my mother, clean the apartment and surf the Internet. I want to have such a wonderful time with my future family too! My typical day is rather busy, but I enjoy it as I'm an active person too. I like such moments very much!

My future goals are

I try to be always beautiful inside and outside -) I would name myself a GIVER and would like to find the man who knows how to appreciate everything I am ready to present him. I think that actions speak louder than words. I could talk about myself a long time telling about my hobbies, accomplishment and advantages.

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