Birth Date
16 / August / 1984
46 kg 119 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I have a father, a mother and a elder sister. Also i like wise man, not rude with woman and responsible. No matter if we have much features in common. I also want my man to be so romantic, patient, creative, and caring like milk chocolate. i'm a tender girl who is willing to find a man who can protect me and to put his loving hand out to me.

About my family

My typical day In my typical day - I use to wake up with the warm mood :), after freshing myself and some morning Physical Training I have breakfast - and go to work ) After that - meet with friends, attend cinema or just staying at home - cleaning or cooking pleasant dinner for parents. I get along really well with my relatives, my parents, and I hope that one day I will have the same attitude in my family. My additional job for pleasure is my hobby. I was born in a small and loving family. His name is Ivan.

Domestic abilities

I enjoy cooking some tasty dishes) and try to impress my relatives)) I would like to bake cakes and cookies for you))) I like when everything is in order and I like to keep my apartment clean) No dirtiness, just tasty smells and my cozy small flat where I can do whatever I want. -) We could work there together. I like to do home work)). But it brings me only happiness. Our apartment is not very big, but I have my own room and I like to do cleaning there by myself. In my family we share the duties and I believe it is right. I need someone who likes having a stack of pancakes or some eggs with bacon for breakfast :-) In general I don't think that domestic abilities are boring. I will be happy if my man will help me with hard work about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to roller-skate, go to the theater, cinema, museums. Normally I almost have no leisure time. In the gloomy evening I prefer to listen to a pleasant music, to read a book, or bake something tasty for my mom. It is so exiting to read this kind of books. ))) I think with my future beloved we will find many things to do in our mutual free time))) Don't you think so? As I am a very active lady I have many different hobbies. I enjoy spending time with my close friends outdoors and visiting new interesting places.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A pleasant companion and easy-going person. She can bring laugher and smiles to each company. Genuine and tender, positive and honest, a true lady and a loving mother. Very pretty, intelligent and sweet lady! Irina is very romantic, kind and gentle girl! Julia is an outstanding lady with the bright smile and great sense of humor, she has really bubbly personality and she can make every day for you different! Family-oriented, calm, self-confident, reliable, friendly, open-hearted

How would I describe myself

I'm intelligent and careful. I try to find good in everything that happens. I am caring, and can't pass by homeless people and animals, I always do my best to help them somehow. Simply the best. I will go till the end and I never give up. to create a happy family. I believe there are no bad people in the world! I like to open new things in life: to read a fascinating book, to watch a documentary movie or just to find a new recipe.

My typical day

30 am. -) Even though my mom is always ready to prepare breakfast for me, but I like to do that by myself sometimes, if I'm not in a hurry. Then I do my morning exercises listening to great music and this always makes my day better and lively. It gives me energy, sweet emotions and joy. I like to get up at 7 am. Then I usually go to gym on fitness or yoga! I'm an optimist and I also like watching people smiling. I need that because on the job of mine, I need to be radiant, and I'm.

My future goals are

I am an interesting interlocutor, you will never get bored with me. It's funny that my child's game has become my great hobby. I can say this because I do not like night clubs and I never attend them. I prefer to live active and healthy life.

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