Birth Date
1 / January / 1989
62 kg 122 lbs
The type of man that I desire

If we decide to choose something else - i also will support this decision! I'm a very lucky woman :) You can look for one type of men but in the end love another one. By the way, she was so glad when she got to know that i was going to look for a man abroad. This text will be replacedsee her fascinating movements and charming smile.

About my family

My family is a part of me and my heart. My own family consists only of 2 members - my son and me. I trust people and I love my life. I was born in the Czech Republic, when my father's military uni0n was sent there. I like sit cozy and comfortable, when it rains, listening to the music of rain drops and flying far away with the heroes of a movie or book.

Domestic abilities

)) I like to cook and my friends and family love my cooking and I am always enjoying the satisfied looks on my dears faces after my meals. Also I adore cooking, especially I like to try to cook new healthy dishes. I live alone and try to keep everything clean and in order. My mum taught me many recipes and I improved some of them by adding new ingredients and spices. So I clean up the house and cook. :) Usually I do my household chores twice a week. I adore to cook! With big pleasure I work in the garden. All men like to eat tasty food and that is not a secret.

What I do in my leisure time?

I do love gardening a lot and I enjoy having some fresh fruits on a dinner table. So I often cook different dishes and when my guests enjoy the meal- I feel really happy. My passion is communication with my best friends and close people. I flow as fast as I can, reaching the future. I like to walk around the city especially in the morning. I am not particularly gifted in these areas, but I belong to true connoisseur of art. I work as a photo-model, and I like it very much.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

You will be glad to communicate and meet with her. Her desire to have her own family is strong and sincere. A lady is tactful and elegant without bad habits. Her body is in a good shape, because she prefers an active lifestyle. She tries to make the world brighter, happier and more full. She is very kind and cheerful and has a great sense of humor. the lady is very pretty, well-bred and easy-going.

How would I describe myself

I'm looking for a life partner, a nice man who will share my views and who is pursuing defiite goals in life. ))) I like to help people in order they need my help, at least to support with good and kind words. I like to help people and make them happy. It can be a hand-made greeting card or a pretty layout! The age doesn't matter for me, because I believe that the most important feature is the internal beauty of the man. I like stability and try to fulfil my life with it. I love life and just everything that is has to offer :) I love to learn new things in life and to create new things.

My typical day

Then I go to the pool. then I feed my pets and go to the university. I have already taken the first step to the happiness. Morning exercise helps me to feel myself full of energy all day. In the evening, after my work I can meet my friends for dinner or go to the gym. I find time to go to the gym, to meet my friends, to be a teacher and a boss, to write poems and to enjoy my life no matter how busy it seems to be. On weekends we can go to the park to walk or cafe to have pizza. But when he is at home with me.

My future goals are

Are you looking for such a lady? I live in harmony with myself, I like adventures and traveling, it's easy for me to talk even with a stranger and I hope if you talk with me you see that I am a simple open woman. I have a good sense of humor and always try to be optimistic. Any way I always do my best and know what i want from life.

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