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When it comes to days when tradition dictates that we send greeting cards to each other, some people are rather cynical whilst others get into the spirit of it.当谈到天的时候,传统,决定了我们必须发送贺卡给对方,有些人,而不是玩世不恭,而其他涉足的精神。 For old romantics, Valentine’s Day is a welcome opportunity to show their partner, the depth of their devotion.老浪漫,在情人节是一个值得欢迎的机会,以展示其合作伙伴,深入了他们献身。 Some people send cards anonymously in the hope of pricking someone’s attention.有人送卡库存,在希望的刺他人的注意力。 Others resent the amount of money that the greetings card industry makes but I think that everyone enjoys receiving valentines, even if they won’t admit it.别人反感的这笔钱表示问候卡产业,但我认为所有人都可以享受收到情人节礼物,即使他们将不会承认它。 It’s mostly women who send the cards; so more guys need to get on board.它的大多是妇女,他们发送卡片,因此,更多的朋友需要着手在董事会。

The day for lovers has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, starting in England and France.一天,为情人已庆祝了自中世纪开始,在英格兰和法国。 British migrants introduced Valentine’s Day to the US in the nineteenth century.英国移民推出情人节当天,以美国在十九世纪。 Eventually, cards were exchanged on a huge scale and February 14th was highlighted on most people’s calendar.最终,卡交换了一个庞大的规模和2月14日是突出了对大多数人的日历。 A tradition also grew of giving gifts, at least from men to women.一个传统,也增加了给予的礼物,至少从男到女。 This is usually flowers or chocolates.这通常是鲜花或巧克力。 You can’t beat a bouquet of red roses to melt the heart.你不能殴打了一束红玫瑰来熔化的心。 If you’re very lucky ladies, you may receive jewelry.如果你很幸运,女士们,你可能会收到一些首饰。 Diamonds are a girl’s best friend at any time of year.钻石是女孩最好的朋友在一年中任何时间。 A candlelit dinner for two will not go amiss either.烛光晚餐两个不会不妥。

I have never received an anonymous card and I am glad.我从来没有接到一个匿名卡和我很高兴。 I think that it would drive me mad.我认为这是推动我生气。 Is someone playing a Valentine’s Day joke or are they sincere?有人扮演一个情人节的玩笑,抑或是有诚意吗? It can backfire sometimes and be a cruel hoax.可事与愿违,有时做一个残忍的骗局。 I am thinking of the passage in Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, when Bathsheba mischievously sends Mr. Boldwood a card.我想到的是通过在远离尘嚣由哈代,当芭斯希芭mischievously发送先生boldwood一张牌。 She sends it as a prank but he is madly in love with her and his hopes are raised.她把它送到一个恶作剧,但他疯狂地爱上了她,他的希望是提高。 The tragic events which unfold can all be traced back to that Valentine’s Day card.悲惨事件,其中开展都可以追溯到这情人节卡。

Couples who have been together a long time should still make a fuss of each other on Valentine’s Day.夫妇已在一起很长时间仍应作出做文章对方的情人节。 It will make both parties feel special and appreciated.这将使双方都感到特别的赞赏。 It shouldn’t just be left to the young generation either.它不应该只是留给年轻一代。 Older people need pampering too!老人们需要呵护! A romantic weekend away in a luxury hotel will keep the romance alive.一个浪漫的周末,在一家豪华酒店将保持浪漫活着。

Perhaps there should be a separate day set aside for people who despise this sort of celebration.或许应该有一个单独的一天预留的人,鄙视这样的庆祝活动。 They could give each other humbug mints and throw egg and flour balloons at the windows of greeting card shops.他们可以给对方@薄荷及投掷鸡蛋和面粉的气球在Windows的贺卡店。 Secretly, they want a special someone to give them something heart shaped.秘密,他们希望有一种特殊的,有人给他们一些心形。

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