How to attract women with two closely guarded secrets 如何吸引妇女与两个壁垒森严的秘密

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For young men, and even some older ones, they are often left wondering how to attract women.为年轻男性,甚至一些旧的,他们往往是在担心,如何吸引女性。 What they don’t realize is that women are thinking that they don’t know how to attract men, and it is a never ending cycle of both sexes wanting to hook up with the other, but not knowing how to go about it.他们不明白的是,妇女是以为他们不知道如何去吸引男人,这是一个永无止境的循环男女双方要钩起来,与其他的,但不知道如何去做。 These people may be walking around wondering how anyone ever gets together.这些人可能是步行约不知如何,所有人都在一起。 For the most part, it is so much easier to meet people than they think.在大多数情况下,它是那么容易得多,以满足人们比他们的想法。 It’s almost a matter of making it too hard.它的差不多的事,使太硬。

If you want to know how to attract women, you simple have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you see.如果你想知道如何去吸引妇女,你有简单照照镜子,然后问自己你看到了什么。 It isn’t really about how attractive or how unattractive you think you are, as much as it’s about how you present yourself.这是不是真的,如何有吸引力,或如何没有吸引力,你认为你的,正如很多,因为它的如何,你自己一样。 Women value cleanliness and if you aren’t taking care with your personal grooming, you may be turning women off.女性价值的清洁,如果你不照顾你的个人仪容修饰,你可能谈到妇女起飞。 Take the time to shower each day, keep your hair cut, shave, and make sure your clothes are clean and neat , and you have just stumbled upon one very important secret about how to attract women.花时间进行淋浴,每天保持你的头发切断,剃,并确保你的衣服是干净和整齐的,你刚才偶然发现一个非常重要的秘密,关于如何吸引女性。 Just be clean!刚要干净!

Another thing you must know is what your body is saying to women you meet.另一件事,你必须知道什么是你的身体是说,以妇女,你满足。 You may see many sign that tell you how to attract women with body language, but the first thing you should worry about is repelling them with it.你可以看到很多迹象告诉你如何吸引女性的身体语言,但第一件事,你应该担心的是排斥他们。 You can easily be doing things with your body that is turning women off.你可以很容易做的事,你的身体就是转折妇女起飞。 The way you stand and present yourself may be telling them that you are unapproachable, snobby, or perhaps extremely arrogant.路,你的立场和自己一样可以告诉他们你是不近人情,铜,或者极其嚣张。 Learn how to be open with your body and you may find that women are more at ease with you.学习如何开诚布公,你的身体,你可能会发现,女性较为放心,你的。

There really is no secret about how to attract women, but if you are applying techniques that others say work for them, you may be scaring them away.有真的是没有任何秘密如何吸引妇女,但如果你是运用技巧别人说,他们对工作的,你还可以自己吓唬他们离开。 You must be first and formost be yourself.你必须首先和最自然。 If you aren’t, it isn’t going to matter how many tips your get or how many books you read about how to attract women.如果你不是,它是不打算无论有多少小费,你得到多少书,你看如何吸引女性。

Being yourself is by far the best way to find the right woman, and that is far more important than anything.正在自己是迄今为止最好的方法,以找出正确的女子,而这是更为重要的事情。 If you put up a false front, you are going to attract the women that really don’t mesh with who you are, and you are going to end up being more frustrated than you were before.如果你把一个虚假的前线,你要吸引女性真的不网与你是谁,你是去年底被更多的挫折比你面前。

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