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If you were to read though most of the dating profiles online, you would probably get the idea that everyone out there is perfect in body, face, and mind.如果你来阅读,虽然大部分的约会概况网上,你可能会得到主张每个人都列有完美的身体,脸,和内心的。 We all know too true to be good, but many of the people who start online dating often start out representing themselves as something that they are not.我们都知道,真正的太想做好的,但有很多人开始网上约会常常要从代表自己的东西往往并非如此。 They soon learn though, that attracting someone by being less than honest never works.他们很快学会虽然,即吸引,有人正在由不少于诚实从未工程。 Once they see the real you, you have already cheated them.一旦他们看到了真正的你,你已骗了他们。 If people just had more confidence in who they really are, they wouldn’t have this problem of self-esteem.如果人们刚刚有了更大的信心的人,他们真的是,他们将不会再出现这个问题的自尊。

Dating profiles often make it very easy to lie, though it’s not really the fault of the sites that host them.约会概况往往很容易所在,但它并非真正的过错该网站主机。 It’s impossible to interview every person who wants to put a profile on their site, and there is no way they can check everyone out.这是不可能的,以访谈的人,每个希望把姿态在其网站上,是没有出路的,他们可以检查每一个人。 That means if you are going through dating profiles on a dating site that you really have to keep your sense of intuition sharp, and you have to know when you see something that is too good to be true.这意味着如果你正经历概况约会就约会网站,你真的要保持你的意识,直觉敏锐的,你要知道,当你看到一些认为是过于异想天开。 The perfect person does not exist, though many try to make out like that is exactly what they are.完美的人是不存在的,尽管许多人试图使出来一样,这正是他们的影响。

In reality, the more honest you are on your dating profiles, the quicker you are going to meet someone who is compatible with you.在现实生活中,更坦白,你对你的约会概况,越快你去满足的人是与你。 You can put up fake profiles if you want to, but it is not going to get you anywhere.你可以把假概况,如果你想要,但它是不会让你一事无成。 Someone has to be able to know the true you, or at least as much as you can put in dating profiles.有人要能够知道真正的你,或至少能像你能够把在约会概况。 They have to have a good sense of who you are before they contact you so that neither of you end up disappointed.他们必须有一个良好的意识,你是谁之前,他们与您联系,所以这不是你最终失望。
Be honest when filling out your dating profiles and look for those who also seem to be very honest about who they are and what they look like.坦白说,当填写你的约会概况,并期待为那些还似乎很诚实,他们是谁,以及他们这个样子。 You may think you are a boring, dull person, but I bet you that you are not.你可能会认为你是一个枯燥,单调乏味的人,但我打赌你,你却没有。 It’s hard to judge ourselves fairly, and it is sometimes even harder to fill out dating profiles about ourselves when we sometimes don’t know what to say.这是很难判断自己的公正,而且有时是更难填写约会概况对自己的时候,我们有时不知道该说些什么。 If you have that problem, have a good friend who really knows you help you fill it out.如果你有这个问题,有一个很好的朋友,他们是否真的知道你帮你补出来。 They may see the wonderful qualities about you that you just can’t see in yourself.他们可能看到精彩素质约你,你总不能看到自己了。 You may be surprised about how great you really are in the eyes of those who know you well.你也许会感到惊讶,如何伟大,你真的是在眼睛的人都知道你一切顺利。

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