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Attracting women has always been a little bit of a problem for me. I have had a number of successful relationships, but none of them have really been what I was looking for. It seems like I just fall into them. I wish I was better at attracting females. As it is, I don’t feel like I have much of a choice in mates. Really, I usually go for whoever is attracted to me first. If I knew how to attract women, I think my dating life would be more successful. I would have increased self-confidence, as well as a choice of potential partners. This, in turn, would make me even more attractive to women.

Recently, I began taking a seminar on attracting women. I have seen so many how to attract women books on the Internet that it piqued my curiosity. At first, I assumed it was nonsense. You always see these kinds of books advertised everywhere. They might promise to teach you how to make more money, how to more effectively reach your personal or professional goals, or how to master attracting women. Whatever the claim, they always appear to promise a high level of success with little or no effort. It is very hard to believe their claims.
Still, after reading the testimonials, I figured that I had nothing to lose by trying. After all, the course only cost a few hundred dollars. In the grand scheme of things, although it was hard for me to throw away a couple hundred bucks on something that might not work, if I mastered the secret of attracting women it would all be worth it.

A lot of the attracting women course seems to be common sense, but it is still helpful. The instructor teaches us to be more self-confident, more forward, and less afraid of taking risks. He argues that if you never try, you never know. I have been trying this approach in every area of my life, and it seems to pay off. People always like self-confidence. It makes them confidence in you as well. Still, my level of success at attracting women has not increased very much since I began my class. If anything, feeling more comfortable approaching women has given me more opportunities to be shot down. Still, I feel like something is happening. At least I am not afraid to try now. After all, attracting women is easier if you feel free to talk to them.

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